I Feel Like I Knew Her Before She Was Born written by Rachel Himelright

February 5, 2016/Blog/0 Comments

  I feel like I knew her before she was born. Maybe it’s a sixth…

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maeve pic 1

My Homebirth, Why Homebirth written by Noel Conlon

January 31, 2016/Blog/0 Comments

Growing up I always had a fascination for birth. I used to watch the birthing…

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Who Will You Be When Your Dreams Fail?

January 15, 2016/Blog/1 Comment

    Who Will You Be When Your Dreams Fail? Will You Keep Fighting or…

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sb belly

Hearing TRUTH by Doran Richards

April 21, 2015/Blog/0 Comments

As women, of all ages, all faiths, of all shapes and sizes, we struggle. We…

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Waiting Season

December 23, 2014/Blog/0 Comments

Winter is upon us, officially. Winter brings many facets of life, but the most prominent…

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w i n t e r  s u n

Birth Story… Told by Midwife’s Assistant:

June 16, 2014/Blog/0 Comments

Quietly we drive, on a beautiful sunny day, up the winding mountain road. We are…

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She Said – She Said

August 14, 2013/Blog/0 Comments

Perspective. It is subjective. Being a midwife has taught me many things; one being that…

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A midwife's view of VABC birth.
greater testimony

Testimony in the Making

June 15, 2013/Blog/0 Comments

Life is a terribly fragile experience for most of us. When it is problem free,…

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How to Transfer

March 28, 2013/Blog/0 Comments

Maintaining grace and poise when life throws you curveballs. I’ve learned a lot about childbirth…

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