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Educating, supporting and celebrating God’s design for all cycles of women’s lives! We seek to be an international, non-denominational standard for implementing resources on the three branches of womanhood: Maidenhood, Maternity, and Menopause and also on our home birth care service. Our hope is to see our culture recognize the importance of proclaiming God as the creator of women’s cycles and educating women on His design.

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We can change our culture’s views on women’s bodies and home birth by working and learning together. Let us point our sisters to our God, Who created our bodies in a wonderful way, to carry, hold and nourish our babies from conception to delivery. He alone is worthy, wise and awesome. Join us in our efforts to spread this message.

There are many contributors to the deception surrounding women’s beautifully designed bodies from the beginning of their cycles, through pregnancy, and then menopause. Different cultures and belief systems carry myths and folklore that scare and oppress women into helplessness and even ignorance. Even in the family unit, where we are supposed to be nurtured and protected, many women receive the wrong messages about their body and its purpose. This negativity grows as girls mature and they find they are ill-equipped or afraid to teach the truth to their daughters. Blessing God’s Way provides knowledge of all stages of womanhood. We also provide home birth care where we teach healthy pregnant women how natural it is to have their child at home surrounded by love and all that is familiar to them. We dispel the fear that is shared the moment a pregnancy is announced by providing them with knowledge about their bodies and how their baby is developing. We also teach their support partner and family members so everyone learns throughout the progression of the pregnancy during their appointments and through the use of our extensive lending library.  We lovingly care for each woman who comes into our care through each step of their pregnancy from the beginning to after delivery.

As some women struggle to regain some of their God-given heritage, there is little help to be found in the educational field and neighborhood communities. In the church, families are instructed in the ways of righteousness, but there is minimal discussion of the female body and its design. This leaves many women to turn to outside influences, such as the media, for their answers about their life stages.  From a young girl’s coming-of-age, to her body’s wonderful design in childbirth, to the blessed mentoring stages of menopause, a woman needs to have accurate and truthful information. The time has come for an organization to step into the gap and equip women with the wonderful truths of God’s word which will lead them to discover the beautiful symbolism in the design of their bodies! These are the very reasons for the conception and birth of Blessing God’s Way. By teaching and learning about womanhood through scripture, women will be enabled to become mentors for the next generation!



  • “Doran’s love for the Lord reflects in her care which she provides clients. She is compassionate, caring, competent and knowledgeable in her work and loves both her clients and their babies. She strives to establish a relationship built on trust and caring with her clients, providing excellent care reflecting the Lords design for pregnancy and birth.”

    Amber Phillips
  • “My experience with Doran and the rest of the Blessing God’s Way crew was amazing!  Doran taught me how to take care of my body, follow my maternal instincts, and simply trust in God’s design for pregnancy and childbirth.  I desperately wanted a gentle birth without drugs or surgery for my son and through Doran’s guidance I was able to experience that!  I could never have imagined a more calm and relaxing atmosphere to labor and give birth in.  Giving birth for the first time impacted my life in a hugely positive way!”

    Melissa Nakaishi
  • “Using Doran and Blessings Gods Way with my third birth was a wonderful experience! Doran made my prenatal care personal and specific to my needs and me. I had a very fast labor and delivery but Doran made it in time and was very composed comfortable. The level of care that Doran and Blessings Gods Way Home Birth Care provided all during the process was personal and friendly but professional and complete as well.”

    Hannah Vencil Brown
  • “Doran has been with me for my last four births. She has helped me through planned hospital, planned home, and transfer experiences with the poise and grace each situation called for. Through the years she has become not only midwife, but also friend. My girls and I have also gone through the amazing Maidens by His Design course, and it has opened many doors for me as a mom. The mix of passion for the truth and a heart for women makes Blessing God’s Way an indispensable resource!”

    Rachel Himelright
  • “Doran was a tremendous blessing during my second pregnancy. I was expecting a baby with a known lethal defect, and Doran treated us like family throughout the pregnancy and the process of finding out that our baby would probably not survive; supporting us through the rocky pregnancy; rejoicing with us in the birth of our daughter; and bidding farewell to her with the utmost respect for her short little life. In my experience, Blessing God’s Way truly lives up its name. I highly recommend Doran and team.”

    Gina Clowes
  • “My husband and I chose to home birth with Doran and the blessings God’s way team after our second hospital birth resulted in an unnecessary c-section. The prenatal period was so personal and relaxed. We had an excellent and successful VBAC. My husband was thrilled with the midwife model of care. We will happily home birth with Doran and team again. They are like an extension of our family.”

    Susan Greynolds
  • “At the time of our third delivery I was in my mid thirties and considered high risk due to my “advanced maternal age”! My husband and I initially decided on co-care.  It is very difficult to describe the fear I was encouraged to feel with regards to my pregnancy and delivery – especially the size of my baby – by most in the mainstream medical realm.  Doran, instead of feeding or instilling fear, even though she knew my age and difficulties with conceiving, would constantly put me at peace.  She lovingly pointed me to G*D for strength and helped me to let go of my fears and anxiety with regards to my labor.  Now two years later, we are still praising  the L*RD for our son and thanking Doran for her love and support.”

    Laurie Rustick


It is a godly approach to teaching daughters 8 and up how their bodies are created to function. Maidenhood is the first major milestone in a girls life as she goes through puberty and starts menstruation, her first signs of entering womanhood.
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Honest and accurate, the course discusses the options available to you and the ways they can affect the labor process. Learn how to discover the comfort measures that are most likely to work for you. Explore the decisions you will need to make as you plan for your baby’s birth. Discover the common side effects of...
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The phase in a woman’s life leading up to and at the time when she experiences the cessation of a menstrual cycle.
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