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Maidens by His Design is a curriculum for young ladies that teaches how God has fearfully and wonderfully created their bodies.

The Course

This course teaches how God has fearfully and wonderfully made each one of us, beyond basic biological “facts”. This knowledge is essential to understanding the other phases of womanhood. It will act as a great starting point for you to further your knowledge on how to care for and respect your body as God’s temple, allowing you to look ahead with great anticipation and not fear for the other milestones that await you as a woman. This course will be fun and engaging, and will include resources and ideas to inspire you to continue communication with your daughters.

Topics Covered

  • Basic female reproductive organs
  • Hormones
  • Cycle length
  • History and various cultural information
  • Tools and gear
  • How to celebrate womanhood in a Godly manner
  • How to take thoughts captive
  • How to erase a spirit of fear
  • How to learn about herbs that are helpful for that time of the month
  • Good nutrition, and more!

Upcoming Workshops

Maidens by His Design Local Workshop for Mothers/Daughters:

November 11th One Day Workshop 9am-5pm

Maidens by His Design ONLINE Training for Moms/Women:

Ten Week Course starting January 9th, 7pm-8pm

Register Online

New Online Training to help moms/women take the curriculum and teach in their communities – train from the comfort of your home! Only $120 for all 6 weeks plus materials and curriculum included.

  • Online Training Registration $120.00: REGISTER

$85 registration fee for local workshop covers the cost of workbook and all materials are supplied.


“Doran leads an excellent class for girls and moms! It really changed my point of view and gave Katya a great amount of info……science, faith and psychology all wrapped up in a weekend workshop!”

– Kris Stafira

“If you have a pre-teen daughter and are looking for a godly and lovely way to share with her the changes she is about to undergo…THIS program is for you and your girl(s). Please SHARE with all of your mommy friends.”

Jeanette Weiler

“MbHD is a very informative faith-based and faith building approach to preparing girls for the changes God has designed their bodies to undergo. It covers all the aspects of these changes and prepares mothers/mentors to guide them through this time with candor and reverence. As a mother to an 8 year old, I am finding this program invaluable for personal reasons and can’t wait to share it with other families.”

 Valerie Bowers

“What a great oppurtunity to bring a christian perspective of our cycles to our daughters! The course is very well done and very informative! I wish something like this was available when I was growing up”

 Sharon Bomberger

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