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Holy Yoga of the Shenandoah Valley

Reclaiming Breath Trauma Sensitive Series

July 24th – August 14th

Every Tuesday at 7pm


Has your life experienced trauma? Yoga is an excellent tool to help you move and process the trauma which can take many forms and be many depth of repair and healing.

“The practice of yoga only requires us to act and to be attentive in our action.” T. K. V Desikachar

We will draw together for a four week series. Trauma is referred to as “a disease of not being able to be present.” – Have you felt this way at one time or another in your day to day living?

Our four weeks will look at:

** Experiencing the present moment
** Making choices
** Taking effective action
** Creating rhythms

Through each week we will discover and experience our life-giving breath and how it ministers to our bodies. We will explore postures that allow our bodies to release tension and fear. Lastly, we will learn how to be in the present moment by grounding ourselves each session.

This class is not intended to replace therapy or professional counseling or medical help. It is a supplemental modality to help with processing and healing trauma.

INSTRUCTOR: Doran has been certified in Holy Yoga since 2015 and has her Master’s certification. She is taking Trauma Sensitive training now – and will be complete at the end of the month. She has a heart to help people heal from past abuse, trauma and illness through the modality of yoga; linking breath to movement. These classes will be gentle and restorative. Beginners are welcome.

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