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Sakkacise and Yoga

June 22nd


Only $40.00 per person

June 22nd, 6pm-8pm

About SAKKAcise (pronounced “Sakka-size):
Sakkacise is a unique African dance program created to show specific ways to embody Joy and promote wellbeing. The word “SAKKA” is a Cameroonian slang for dance, but its full essence means “to allow the Spirit of joy to move in you and be expressed through your body”. Sakkacise focuses on the benefits of maintaining good posture – not only physically, but the emotional & mental posture of confidence as you navigate life.

Due to its great success conducting wellness workshops nation-wide, many lives have been transformed. Some of the highlights of the tours include:
—The EIPPY Awards in Los Angeles, CA
—The Global Manifesting Mindset Event in TX
—The International Women’s Conference in DC
—The I AM SHE Women Power Conference in MD
—The Authentic Women Who Lead Conference in NC
—Performing with the fitness guru & celebrity trainer, Shaun T., and many more…

Sakkacise is thrilled to bring its one-of-a-kind, joyful, entertaining program to Holy Yoga, and will provide motivation that allows each participant to feel supported, with unique tools and tips to demonstrate:
• African rhythms
• Breathing techniques
• Compassion for one’s body
• Connection/ flow with nature
• Joy through movement, in a fun and uplifting environment.

About Founder
Therra Weinberg, Founder of Sakkacise, is an Author and mother of three. She has been dancing since her childhood years in Cameroon, West Africa, where she grew up. When she came to America, she pursued a career in computer technology, but later quit the cooperate world to become a stay-at-home Mom. While raising her kids, she rediscovered her love for creativity and the Art of Dance. During that time, she dealt with several miscarriages & stillbirths, but dancing was what brought so much joy and healing to her experience. It is that same Joy which she transferred into the creation of SAKKAcise; with a firm belief that Joy Is Strength, Confidence is attractive, and amidst life’s obstacles, follow your bliss.

After we Sakkacise, Doran will wind our evening down with a 20-30 min gentle yoga practice and savasana. We believe they will pair well together and seal in all the goodness of the evening! Space is limited

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