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Monthly Pre/Postnatal Yoga

BY DONATION! There will be a money box on table, for those that want to contribute. All proceeds from these monthly meetings will be saved and go to a good cause.

Are we mindful about movement in our lives? About slowing down and being still? About nurturing our innermost being? We are going to try a special series or monthly gathering for women, either pregnant or postpartum (doesn’t matter how long postpartum) – bringing women together to have connection and community while engaging in mindful movement.

Monthly Mindful Movement will include:

Gentle Yoga Stretches
Quiet Time

Bring water, journal, mat (if you have one, we have extras).

We will move through activities that feed our mind, body and soul. This will ignite us to be mindful of our actions, our intentions, our energy we give out on daily basis. It will help ground us, connect us and build community.

P.S. Please park on the cottage side of the road or in driveway inbetween the yellow house and yellow cottage.

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