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Wakeful Winter Yoga Series

December 21, 2017/events/0 Comments

Wakeful Winter Yoga SeriesFebruary 1st-22ndEvery ThursdayRegister $40.00 for all 4-wk series. No refunds because we…

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Circle of Grace

November 29, 2017/events/0 Comments

Circle of GraceEvery Fourth TuesdayFree Event! - Free event open to all women, nursing babes…

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Mindful Movement

September 27, 2017/events/0 Comments

Monthly Pre/Postnatal Yoga BY DONATION! There will be a money box on table, for those…

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MbHD Teacher Training

August 3, 2017/events/0 Comments

MbHD Online Teacher TrainingJanuary 8th-March 19th 7pm-8pm Online Training for MbHD:   Maidens by His…

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Four Week Christian Childbirth Class

July 26, 2017/Uncategorized/0 Comments

Four Week CCCSeptember 5th, 12th, 19th, 26thRegister $80.00 for a couple.   This fee covers…

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Wild and Wonderful; Women’s Wisdom

May 24, 2017/Blog/1 Comment

I will be on the panel at an upcoming Homestead event at Capon Crossing Farm…

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Walk with Compassion, Joyfulness, & Boldness

May 24, 2016/Blog/0 Comments

Are you feeling stripped down to nothing? Have your insides felt like they are withered…

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I Feel Like I Knew Her Before She Was Born written by Rachel Himelright

February 5, 2016/Blog/0 Comments

  I feel like I knew her before she was born. Maybe it’s a sixth…

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My Homebirth, Why Homebirth written by Noel Conlon

January 31, 2016/Blog/0 Comments

Growing up I always had a fascination for birth. I used to watch the birthing…

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Who Will You Be When Your Dreams Fail?

January 15, 2016/Blog/1 Comment

    Who Will You Be When Your Dreams Fail? Will You Keep Fighting or…

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Hearing TRUTH by Doran Richards

April 21, 2015/Blog/0 Comments

As women, of all ages, all faiths, of all shapes and sizes, we struggle. We…

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