Educating, supporting and celebrating God’s design for all cycles of women’s lives! We seek to be an international, non-denominational standard for implementing resources on the three branches of womanhood: maidenhood, maternity, and menopause. We offer home and cottage birth options for women in the Shenandoah Valley as well as yoga classes, workshops, blessingways, and special events. Our hope is to see our culture recognize the importance of proclaiming God as the creator of women’s cycles, educating women on His design, and viewing the phases of womanhood as normal life processes created as blessings to us, God’s way!

What We Offer

Doran Richards, Owner, Midwife, Yoga Instructor, Artist

Doran is a member of the National Association of Certified Professional Midwifes and Virginia Midwives Alliance. She has been attending births for over 15 years, had 9 preceptors and attained her certification through NARM in 2011.  She recently completed her certification for being MEAC accredited in the state of Virginia. She has had her own private practice in Shenandoah Valley of Virginia for 5 years. She is also owner and founder of this ministry for women called Blessing God’s Way – maidenhood, maternity, menopause. She has written a book called, A Celebration of Pregnancy which gives instructions on how to perform a Christian blessingway and how to support women in childbearing. She is also author of Maidens by His Design, which a curriculum for young women and their mothers teaching about how their bodies are created to cycle and it is a normal life function. Doran has been a speaker at many conferences including her own over the past 10 years. She recently became a Registered Holy Yoga instructor with a specialty in pre-post natal yoga. She is currently editing a new book, yet to be named, that covers all phases of womanhood.  She has been married for 23 years and has 6 children.

Jodi Jones, Student Midwife, Doula

My family is what some may call “blended”, and I have been blessed with three children, four step-children, and three step-grandchildren. I love serving and educating women and their families through midwifery care. I have been a certified EMT-Intermediate for 16 yrs, certified birth doula for 4 yrs, and student midwife for 4 years. I am currently working to meet the requirements for midwifery licensure. I am especially passionate for serving first-time and VBAC moms.

Samantha Dooley, Student Midwife, Doula

I am a mother to 3 amazing little girls. Olivia who is 9, Alexa who is 7, and Emma who is 5. I am also a wife to my husband who has been by my side for almost 10 years. I love midwifery and am very passionate about bringing this model of care to women in our area. I have been a student with Doran for almost 2 years and am currently working towards getting licensed. I am a doula and love to support women throughout their pregnancies and postpartum periods, and I am also currently working towards my lactation counselor certification to help women nurse their babies and have a happy breastfeeding relationship.

Alana Potter

I am a very blessed wife, mom of 11 and grandma of 6. I loved birthing my own children at home and since they were small I have had an interest in out-of-hospital birth and caring for moms and babies. I am continually amazed at God’s wisdom and love demonstrated in His design of childbearing and thank the Lord that He has given me the opportunity to continue midwifery studies and serve in this field for His glory! My other interests include (but are not limited to!) gardening, sewing, permaculture and Scottish country dancing.

Emma Potter, Office Manager

I am a christian, wife, and photographer. I currently work at The Espresso Bar in Winchester, but I aspire one day to be in a job that utilizes my love for artistry. I have delved into writing, dance, and photography, and hope to use those skills as often as I can. As the office manager at Blessing God’s Way I can take advantage of my enjoyment in organization and building relationships with people, so I look forward to doing so through Blessing God’s Way, all the while spending time with my mom Doran, and my mother-in-law, Alana!

Liz O’Shea, Backup Midwife

Liz began her journey to midwifery out of a deep desire to share the joy of birthing at home. She wanted all women to experience what it is like to feel the innate power within them to give birth. She began her studies following her first homebirth in 1982 by enrolling in Rahima Baldwin’s birth assistant course, Informed Homebirth. Her passion for learning about normal birth continued through her next two homebirths and as she raised her six children.

Liz became certified as a doula with A.L.A.C.E and later with Birth Works International. As one of the co-writers of the Birth Works doula program she also facilitated doula workshops and taught childbirth education. After attending many births as a doula in hospital and home settings, she found the opportunity to apprentice with several wonderful homebirth midwives who shared their knowledge of traditional midwifery. She began an independent practice in 2000 and along with her daughter, Emily, formed the first Birth Circle of Frederick, MD. Encouraged by her mentors she applied for and obtained certification through North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) in 2007. Liz continues her education by attending numerous workshops and conferences and is currently enrolled in Aviva Rohm’s school of Herbal Medicine for Women. She loves spending time with her family on the farm, tending her gardens and chickens and hiking in the mountains near her home.

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What We Offer
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